Cheap Price Rain Storage Underground SMC FRP Water Tank


Cheap Price Rain Storage Underground SMC FRP Water Tank

Cheap Price Rain Storage Underground SMC FRP Water Tank

Overview Product Description S: It means stainless steel. Generally, the stainless steel in the compound is 304-2B, and

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Basic Info.
Production Capacity 10000 Sets/Year
Product Description
Product Description

S: It means stainless steel. Generally, the stainless steel in the compound is 304-2B, and the thickness is 0.4mm

G: It means galvanized steel plates, which is divided into cold galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized steel. The thickness is generally 3.0mm

C: It means compounding. Put the stainless steel plate and galvanized steel plate on the punching bed, and stamp them at one time. The flanges are 90° angle welding and 45° angle non-welding

LANDYOUNG SGC underground water tank modules are used hot dip galvanized steel plates and stainless steel plates to be pressed and compounded by the equipment to make them tightly matched, so as to meet the requirements of the strength of the steel plate material and the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.


▪Areas where the water volume of the municipal water supply network cannot meet the needs of users.

▪The municipal water supply pipe network can use the area where the water head is too low.

▪Areas with excessive pressure fluctuations in the municipal water supply network.

▪Areas with frequent water cuts.

▪The area where the main pipe diameter of the municipal water supply pipe network is too small.

▪Water for life and fire fighting in ordinary residences, commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, residential quarters, offices, hotels, schools, etc.

▪Fire water for industrial and mining enterprises.


▪ No pump room

Save space, the water pump and pump room are placed on the water tank and fixed on the dedicated modules of the integrated pumping station. Only occupies 0.5m3-1m3 water tank volume.

▪ Easy site selection

The buried water tank is lined with stainless steel and galvanized sheet composite, and the surface is sprayed with anti-corrosion coating. It can be sold under the fish lawn or in some idle places.

▪ Easy to empty

Because this product is a long-axis fire pump, the impeller is directly submerged in the water without special exhaust air. As long as the liquid level in the water tank is within the specified liquid level, it can enter the fire-fighting state.

▪ Freeze cracking

The water tank is under the ground to avoid being damaged by freezing in winter.

▪ Large specifications

According to user needs, 1-200000m3 or even large water tanks can be assembled.

▪ High strength

The product structure design is designed by the steel structure engineer of the design institute, and the top pressure and lateral pressure are transmitted to the box body and then to the column support of the steel structure in the box body.

▪ Energy saving and environmental protection

The product fully meets the current national environmental protection standards and regulations.

Product Range and properties

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