FRP Tanks Fiberglass Biological Deodorization Equipment


FRP Tanks Fiberglass Biological Deodorization Equipment

FRP Tanks Fiberglass Biological Deodorization Equipment

Overview Product Description LANDYOUNG FRP biological deodorization equipment adopts effective biological reaction envir

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Basic Info.
Model NO. Customized
Origin China
HS Code 3917290000
Production Capacity 10000 Sets/Year
Product Description
Product Description

LANDYOUNG FRP biological deodorization equipment adopts effective biological reaction environment control technology. The standard filter tank body is made of FRP, which is a closed structure, which effectively ensures the stability of the working environment temperature of microorganisms; it is equipped with a heating system for cold areas; There is a spray system to spray the biological filler to ensure the humidity of the biological filler; proprietary filler anti-acidification technology. Compact structure and flexible form The standard structure adopts an integrated and modular design, and the structure is compact; the structure can be adjusted according to the occupied area and environment, such as buried, split, multi-layer, etc., flexible and changeable; The material of the equipment can be customized according to user requirements.

Malodorous gas collection device→biological filter device→exhaust fan→discharge up to standard↕

Filter → regular discharge of filter residue


FRP biological deodorization equipment is used for odor (Mainly NH3, H2S)control in municipal sewage treatment plants, sewage pumping stations, garbage treatment plants (stations), petroleum and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical, food processing, spraying, printing, textile printing and dyeing, leather processing and other production industries. After being collected by the air duct, it is pumped to the deodorizing equipment for treatment. The deodorizing equipment neutralizes the odor and the removal efficiency is more than 95%, and the clean gas is sent to the atmosphere to meet environmental protection standards.


1. Fully automatic control, stable performance, no need for special operation;

2. Using long-lasting biological fillers, microorganisms can grow on the nutrients in the washing liquid and the malodorous substances in the gas, without the need for additional nutrients. The biofilm has stable ecological conditions, large biomass per unit volume, high biosorption and biooxidation capabilities of the microbial flora, strong impact resistance, fast decomposition of malodorous substances, and high efficiency;

3. The tower body adopts a modular structure and the main body of the deodorizing treatment equipment adopts a glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) structure, which has superior anti-corrosion performance and strong integrity, which is convenient for transportation and installation; only need to add components when increasing the treatment capacity, which is easy to implement; it is also convenient for separate treatment under the condition of dispersed gas source

4. Unique gas distribution method, uniform distribution, purification efficiency as high as 95% or more.

Product Range and properties

FRP biological deodorization equipment can be designed and customized according to user requirements.

Company Profile

LANDYOUNG GROUP CO., LTD. (Abbr.LANDYOUNG GROUP)is a comprehensive building materials industry group in China, a leading new material developer and integrated service provider in China.LANDYOUNG GROUP is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and service of wire mesh products, FRP products, concrete pipes and related production equipments.LANDYOUNG GROUP has advanced automated production equipments, strong technical capability, scientific process flow, perfect quality inspection system, high-quality raw materials, and strict quality control.Wire mesh products include: galvanized iron wire, black iron wire, stainless steel wire mesh, gabion wire mesh, welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, fence wire mesh, barbed wire, etc.;FRP products include: GRP pipes, FRP tanks, SMC GRP water tanks, FRP grating, cooling towers and fills, cable trays, septic tanks, various pultrusion&molded profiles, etc.;Concrete pipe products include: PCCP, RCCP, etc.Related production equipments include: wire mesh manufacturing machine, GRP pipe winding equipment, FRP tank winding equipment, PCCP production equipment and moulds, etc.Our company can customize wire mesh products, FRP products and related production equipment with different requirements according to customer requirements. Products are widely used in water conservancy, municipal water supply and drainage, water treatment, agriculture irrigation, power plants, chemical and chemical industries, seawater desalination, roads and railways, environmental protection, construction and other fields. Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, etc., and have gained a good reputation in the international market.Customers include France Vinci,DL E&C,SAMSUNG C&T,Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction,Daewoo E&C,Bangladesh Army, etc.Company philosophy: Pursue excellent quality and create a world-famous brand!Business philosophy: unity, hard work, dedication, innovation, pragmatism, and efficiency!Management philosophy: caring about employee growth, strengthening execution capabilities, pursuing efficiency and harmony, and perfecting incentives and constraints!Marketing philosophy: Pursue excellence and strive for perfection!Service philosophy: based on service, survive on quality, and develop on science and technology!

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